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Foillard 2013 Morgon Cuvée Corcelette



Jean Foillard


He doesn't just make wine, he makes wines that his faithful fans want: a cult brand of wines that are self-empowering and have a sense of fulfillment. They do not require 30 years of aging, are not oaky, and in the great continuum of wealth would not be considered expensive. Every year wine buyers, geeks, and enthusiasts eagerly await the new vintage from Jean Foillard in Morgon, Beaujolais. After taking over his father’s estate in 1980, Jean Foillard began to follow the teachings of Jules Chauvet, a winemaker and chemist of sorts who inspired the movement of natural wines. A return to the old ways of viticulture and vinification allowed Foillard to craft wines of immense purity and transparency.


We have a deep love and connection to Jean Foillard’s wines and couldn’t be more excited about the 2013 vintage. Bright fruits, minerality, and happiness are deeply imbedded into this successful vintage. His Beaujolais are bequeathed with a zest for life, and have a profound innocence about them. Foillard’s flagship Côte du Py which hardly needs an introduction is definitely the richer and meatier expression of Morgon versus the more feminine and silkier Corcelette. These different expressions of Morgon are indicative of the soils the grapes are grown on. Schist and Granite for the Côte du Py and Sandstone soils for the Corcelette.


Upon arrival, I gave into temptation and drank a bottle of the Corcelette. Some would say these wines have set the bar for which the category would forever be defined. One of the most loved expressions of Gamay in the world, the cuvée Corcelette does not disappoint. The wine definitely breaks barriers and expresses itself in different ways. Like a satin fabric from the middle ages, the 2013 Corcelette dances in circles. We are happy to offer Foillard’s 2013 Corcelette and Côte du Puy. As always, quantities are tiny so do not wait.


Foillard 2013 Morgon Cuvée Corcelette $44.99
Foillard 2013 Morgon Côte du Py $41.99