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123 (Dos) Tequila Reposado

123 (Dos) Tequila Reposado


Bottles Available: 7

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Category: Tequila and Mezcal | Country: Mexico | Age: |
100% agave. Certified organic. 5000 plants. All estate produced. 40% abv. Ambient yeast, crushed not shredded. Pinas are cooked in a stone oven. Technically a lowland tequila, but still grown at elevation. Alambic stainless steel still, so all character comes off the architecture of the still. Barrels are also estate produced. Minnesota white oak staves. New 53 gallon barrels. Toasted, not charred. 6 months old. 40% abv. Lightly smoked meat on the nose; very subtle though. Very beautiful. Delicate. Contemplative. Too delicate for cocktails, but very cool for sipping. Fruity and buoyant. Barrel influence sneaks in on the finish.ch