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Adrien Camut Calvados Pays d'Auge 12 ans

Adrien Camut Calvados Pays d'Auge 12 ans


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Category: Brandy and Cognac | Country: France | Age: 6 Yr. |
The Domaine de Semainville consists of 115 acres in the Pays d'Auge, the most renowned appellation of Calvados. 25 different types of small, late-harvest apple varieteies are used, which fall to the ground between October and January. The fermented cider rests in well-seasoned oak casks for nearly a year. In September, distillation takes place with the three Camut brothers passing long nights in front of the wood-fueled pot still. The young spirit goes into ancient oak casks where it slowly concentrates into the world's most heralded apple brandy. The frequent transfer of the spirit between casks during the first two years of maturation promotes oxidation but increases loss through evaporation, thus decreasing the final yield. Unlike many Calvados producers who focus on bottled cider or whose provenance of base material is mysterious, Camut makes only Calvados from their own orchards, controlling everything from start to finish.The 12 year Calvados has robust aromas of baked apple, butterscotch, cream, and spice. Delicate rancio and a hint of wintergreen. Serious weight. Long, pure finish. 41% abv. I feel this is the real sweet spot in the Camut range. -DTP