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Agave de Cortes Mezcal Joven

Agave de Cortes Mezcal Joven


Bottles Available: 3

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Category: Tequila and Mezcal | Country: Mexico | Age: |
In the Vallés Centralés Region in the heart of Oaxaca, the Cortés family has produced traditional mezcal for over 175 years. The Agave de Cortez series is an entry-level series of artisinal mezcal from the family that is better known for producing the ultra-highly regarded (and pricey) Jolgorio mezcals. Lovely nose, lifted, taut minerality, followed by sweet coconut and grilled peaches. Gentle in the mouth, with a pleasant smoke bloom that doesn't overpower. Pleasant sweet fruit and spearmint on the finish. Roasted over mesquite wood, which they believe makes for a higher quality, though it doesn't impart quite as much smoke as some other woods such as black oak. A very impressive artisinal mezcal at this price point. A great introduction to the world of this intriguing spirit. -DTP