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Aggazzotti Nocino Riserva 750ml

Aggazzotti Nocino Riserva 750ml


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Category: Liqueur | Country: Italy | Age: |
Made from green walnuts. Aged for a total of 5 years: first the walnuts are carefully split and macerated in neutral spirit for one year in glass demijohns. The demijohns are exposed to sunlight, and a controlled oxidation is allowed to take place. Then the spirit is transferred to steel tanks and blended with a secret spice recipe to rest for another four years. Color is deep brown, almost black. Complex aromas of espresso, oloroso sherry, allspice, chickory over a background of grassy, agricole-like funk. Mouthfeel is rich and viscous but with an acidity that keeps it fresh and vibrant throughout. Fresh walnuts, cola, vanilla, cinnamon and allspice, and a bit of a tangy redcurrant zing. Not too sweet, impeccable balance. The velvety grip on the finish adds to the seductive quality of this stunning nocino. This is a versatile spirit that deserves more attention: it has great potential for cocktail applications, as one might use Allspice Dram or even as a sub for sweet vermouth. A delicious alternative to dessert wines. 40% abv.