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ArteNOM 1579 Tequila Blanco

ArteNOM 1579 Tequila Blanco


Bottles Available: 6

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Category: Tequila and Mezcal | Country: Mexico | Age: |
From the innovative Felipe Camarena at El Pandillo Distillery in the town of Jesus-Maria. Agave is sourced from the same farms in Arandas (5400' elev.) that supply his brother Carlos' La Altena Distillery. Fermented con bagaso - with agave pulp. 100% rainwater utilized for fermentation and proofing.
Nose: quite bright, fresh and floral. Shy at first, then intense orange peel and honeysuckle fill the nose. Entry is peppery and herbaceous, then ripe pear fruit notes open up while keeping the texture lean and taut. 2nd nose is more mineral driven, with poblano pepper and a savory, mustardy quality. An exquisitely lingering, minty finish.
A connoisseur's tequila.