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Cappelletti Amaro "Elisir Novasalus"

Cappelletti Amaro "Elisir Novasalus"

Category: Amaro | Country: Italy | Age: |
One of only a few remaining wine-based amaros, the Elisir Novasalus is a product of the Cappelletti family in Trento. The base is a dry Marsala imported from Sicily, which is naturally sweetened with a unique Sicilian tree sap, then macerated for six months with botanicals from Trento's surrounding Alpine region. One is never quite prepared for one's first taste of this. Big rooty notes on nose, black licorice and sandalwood. Some sweetness on entry but a massive medicinal bitterness takes over in short order. After getting that first palate assault out of the way, some lovely notes of Alpine flowers and evergreen emerge on the nose. Its stomach calming properties are magical. Not for the faint of heart, but then again, neither is life. -DTP