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Medley Bros. Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Medley Bros. Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Bottles Available: 3

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Category: Bourbon | Country: U.S.A. | Age: 4 Yr. |
Master Distiller Charles Wathen Medley and his son Samuel Wathen Medley, the 7th and 8th generations in the Kentucky bourbon whiskey business, formed Charles W. Medley Distillery to rejuvenate the Wathen's, Medley Bros and Old Medley brands.The whiskies are contract distilled at an undisclosed KY distillery, utilizing the same family recipe that was used back in the 1940s when Medley Bros Bourbon was first crafted.4 years old, bottled at 102 pf, ideal as a base in bourbon cocktails. The high ratio of corn in the mash provides a slight sweetness, but never cloying. Roasted peanuts, toffee, leather, with hints of licorice, maple and charred oak. A great lateral move for fans of Jim Beam White Label Bourbon. -DTP