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Wigle Pennsylvania Organic Straight Rye

Wigle Pennsylvania Organic Straight Rye


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Category: Whiskey | Country: U.S.A. | Age: 3 Yr. |
Pittsburgh's first new distillery to open since Prohibition repeal. The brand name honors Philip Wigle, a German immigrant distiller who, in 1794, registered his defiance of the 1791 whiskey excise by punching the tax collector in the nose, thus doing his part to fan the flames of the famous whiskey rebellion. In the end, he was spared the noose by a reprieve from George Washington himself. All of the grain is sourced from the soils of the Monongahela River Valley, within 300 miles of Wigle's location. 68% regional organic rye, 18% regional organic wheat and 14% organic malted barley. Aged from 2-4 years in a combination of 25 and 53 gallon barrels. Notes of leather, pipe smoke, black cherry, orange peel and vanilla. Toasted walnuts, black tea, clove on the palate. Delicious! 42% abv.