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Bartucci Bugey Cerdon

Bartucci Bugey Cerdon


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Type: Sparkling Wine | Country: France | Region: Savoie | Varietal: Blend-Red | Vintage: NV
80% Gamay, 15% Poulsard, 5% Chardonnay. Sparkling obtained by spontaneous fermentation in the bottle, or “method ancestrale.” That is, two thirds of the fermentation happens in tanks, and then the unfinished wine is bottled. The bottles are put upright for about three months. The fermentation stops because the bottle is saturated with the CO2 produced by fermentation. There is about 40 grams of residual natural sugar left per liter. It is then disgorged. No sulfites added.Raphael Bartucci is a self-taught winemaker. His parents fled facist Italy and moved to the Moselle in the 1950s. They came to the Bugey region during summer vacations, and this gave Raphaël the desire to become a farmer. He bought a house in ruins in the town of Mérignant where he still lives.Raphaël planted some vines, but didn't like what seemed to be the general way of doing things with chemicals and additives. Through friends, he met Pierre Overnoy and then Marcel Lapierre who told him he was right to want to make wine differently than his neighbors.Each year he planted a few vines, and today he has reached 2.10ha on 10 different plots! Until 1992 he worked during the day and took care of his vines part time evenings and weekends. Since 1992 he works full time in his vines and making and selling his wine.Certification: AB Ecocert since 1997