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Bereche Champagne "Reflet d'Antan"

Bereche Champagne "Reflet d'Antan"


Bottles Available: 2

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Type: Sparkling Wine | Country: France | Region: Champagne | Varietal: Blend-Champagne | Vintage: NV
Raphael and Vincent Bereche sell most of their wine directly to private customers, who drive from Brussels and Paris and London to pick up their six or twelve-bottle allocation at the winery. Almost all the rest goes to Michelin-starred restaurants or to specialist retailers in Paris. Despite their youth, Raphael and Vincent are outstanding critical tasters who have a natural understanding of the elements of quality in fine wine They are the newest superstar members of Champagne's corps of elite grower-producers.Reflet d'Antan is aged for several years in neutral barrels. When the wine is bottled, only one third of each barrel is removed, which is immediately replaced with new wine. Like the solera system used for making sherry, the barrels are never emptied.