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Bois Brincon Anjou Blanc "Blaison" 2017

Bois Brincon Anjou Blanc "Blaison" 2017


Bottles Available: 15

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Type: White Wine | Country: France | Region: Loire Valley | Varietal: Chenin Blanc | Vintage: 2017
Organic/Biodynamic.Xavier Cailleau has entirely converted this ancient 700 year old estate in Anjou to Biodynamic farming, where many of the vines are quite old, the soil is rich in fossils and has a rare diversity with the landscape stretching over 6 villages and 8 different terroirs ; Gres, Tuffeau, Marne, Spilites, Rhyolites, etc. For average age of vines, Bois-Brincon is either the oldest, or one of the oldest aged vine properties in the Anjou.