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Bulli Frizzante "Sampagnino" NV

Bulli Frizzante "Sampagnino" NV


Bottles Available: 14

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Type: Sparkling Wine | Country: Italy | Region: Emilia-Romagna | Varietal: Blend-White | Vintage: NV
Sampagnino ["sham-pah-KNEE-know"; a mock-pronunciation of "Champagne"] is Bulli's field blend fizzy m?etodo tradizionale?. Limestone-rich soils, practicing organic, indigenous primary fermentation with grape must from the same vintage added before bottling to create the fizz. No added SO2 and less than 1 g/L of R.S. Mineral, herbal, and floral aromatics. Blend of Marsanne, Moscato Giallo, Ortrugo, Santa Maria, Sauvignon Blanc, and Malvasia di Candia.